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Route – Inti Punku “The Sun Gate”


Photo: McKay Savage

Looking further up the main trail of Cachiccata quarries you will find Inti Punku, which means “Sun gate” in Quechua. It has a maximum elevation of 3.925 mts and from this point you can have a perfect view of the Nevado Verónica (the snow-capped peak Verónica).

The site consists only of a large stone door, and although it is true that you can find other locations with more ruins, this is without doubt the most mystical of Ollantaytambo.

From the Cachiccata quarries: continue past the boulder painted with “I.N.C.” and walk toward the largest boulder traveling uphill and then across a field. After 30 or 45 minutes, the trail comes to a grassy field with Inca ruins and another good campsite. Continue uphill between the two structures. About 10 minutes before reaching Inti Punku, the trail gets to a small ravine. Stay right through this ravine.

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