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Route – Patacancha and Huilloc


Photo: Sebastian Brodin

Patacancha is a small village of 250 families located one hour’s drive from main square of Ollantaytambo, first passing by the Huilloc community. The members of these places have lived as communities for many generations and this way of life provides them some privileged knowledge.

Homes are made from adobe bricks with thatched or tin roofs and they’re all built by their owners; since they are kids they learn about natural construction, which is cheaper, doesn’t involve pollution in the process and best of all, it is possible to take advantage of the materials that the lands offers.

Another strong point is the art and work of weaving. They use animal’s wool, for example from the alpacas and llamas, and dye it with local plants, previously boiled in pure water per hours. The results are amazing, the colors taken are intense but at the same time clearly different than synthetic wool.

In these kind of places there is experiential tourism, which is the process of learning about their traditions, customs and way of life. Members of the communities are open to teach about what they know, and beyond that their Spanish isn’t perfect, they do the effort to communicate. It is impressive the perfect Quechua they have (because in some parts of Peru it is a little bit mixed with Spanish), in these cases, the language is pure. The opportunity of living these traditions is precious in the today world, if you can, don’t miss it!

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