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Route – Perolniyoc Waterfall


The town of Socma has one of the most powerful prove of beauty of the Sacred Valley: the Perolniyoc waterfall, of 50 mts. One good option is going by taxi and then return by walking.

From Ollantaytambo take a 30 minutes taxi to the small town of Socma. Once in town, walk up the steep road to an orange church in the upper part of town. The trail begins just to the right of the front of the church and continues westward up the valley. In 45 minutes, cross over a small stream and continue on the lower path, ignoring the switchbacks on the left. Continue on this path along the stream into the narrowing valley. Maneuver across the stream twice. Follow the trail through thick vegetation along the river until it ends at a small trail on the right, wich will switchback uphill to the larger upper waterfall, Perolniyoc.

The ruins sit atop this large waterfall, still another hour away. Near the valley, follow the stone path arrives at an overlook of Socma and a large blue archaeological marker. From here, follow the switchbacks heading uphill, back above the waterfall and toward the ruins and a house on the opposite side of the valley. Twenty to thirty minutes from the blue sign, the trail will be adjacent to a small stream and grassy terraces to a welltraveled path. Take a right on this path and follow it past the house and to the ruins.

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