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Route – Pinkuylluna


It is on the hillside opposite the fortress. The larger buildings were used as agricultural storehouses known as colcas. In about 20 or 30 minutes of distance it is the large four-tiered storehouse. Up the trail there are the four towers. These towers mark the crown of the head of Tunupa, the god of abundance.

To reach the trailhead from the Plaza de Armas, take Calle Principal, toward Cusco. After completely leaving the Plaza, take the first left onto called Lares. After a few blocks, a wooden sign for Pinkuylluna will be on the right, pointing up a stone staircase.

Ascend the staircase for 5-10 min until the trail forks. The trail to the right has a wooden handrail and leads around the corner to the first Inca ruins.

After exploring these ruins, descend on the same path back to the fork and then take uphill in the other direction. This trail passes another Inca site and arrives at the large four- tired store-house in about 20 minutes. From here, continue behind the storehouses and up the trail to the towers.

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