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Route – Pumamarca


It is on a hillside, overlooking the convergence of the Patacancha River and the Yuracmayo or White River. From Ollantaytambo it is 6 km away.

To reach Pumamarca, begin in the Plaza de Armas and then follow Patacalle street out of town. Shortly after crossing the first bridge, a large path will leave the main road to the right and follow the river. Continue on this path for about 15 minutes until you get to the small town of Muñaypata. Walk up the road a short distance to an electrical pole on the left labeled 2224, and take a left that leads behind some houses.

Follow this trail as it traverses uphill for 15 minutes to a blue archaeological marker for the Media Luna terraces. From here, don’t follow the path up toward the terraces, but instead follow the switchback uphill to the right. This trail climbs steeply at first but will soon become more gradual.

Within the next hour, the trail goes through Muscapujio terraces and then passes a few houses before coming to a small clearing and follows along an ancient aqueduct. In 20 or 30 minutes the ruins of Pumamarca will become apparent on the hillside ahead.

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